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Young Shanty Debuts with “Chalice Row or Dig a Hole”

Young Shanty Debuts with

Young Shanty officially burst onto the reggae scene June 10, 2016.  This day Giddimani Records & Chalice Row Records Unlimited proudly introduced the world to his “C.R.O.D.A.H.” debut.  For those who don’t know, the title equals, Chalice Row or Dig a Hole.  The title refers to Chalice Row Records.

Young Shanty (the self-proclaimed “Best Falsetto from the Ghetto”) worked very closely with International, Reggae Star Perfect Giddimani, who took a very hands on approach in assisting with the production of Shanty’s strong debut effort.

“C.R.O.D.A.H” not only hi-lights his soulful, falsetto prowess & unique, herb infused rap lyrics, but it also shines with collaborations with Jahdan Blakkamoore, Teflon, Ras Rap and of course Perfect Giddimani himself.   The album features 7 songs, including instant hits such as “Got Trees (Perfect Giddimani & Ras Rap),” “Last Hit (Jahdan Blakkamoore), “So Loud (Perfect Giddimani & Jahdan Blakkamoore) and more.

Click HERE to purchase Young Shanty’s “Chalice Row or Dig a Hole” on iTunes.


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