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Agent Sasco’s Alma Mater is Winning Right Now

Camperdown High School Jamaica

Camperdown Highschool JamaicaCamperdown High School

Camperdown High School has a long and honorable tradition.  It is a source of education for tens of thousands of Jamaican children.  The school has now been in existence for 75 years.  Camperdown was founded in February 1930.  It began as a private preparatory school with six students.  They gained grant-aided status in 1958.  This allowed them to become a high school with 300 students.  Now in 2017, Camperdown has an annual enrollment of over 1,400 students.

Now bursting at the seams, Camperdown continues to turn out young men and women of character, many of whom have excelled in academic and sporting fields.

Agent Sasco happens to be one of those successful Alumni.  Camperdown recently honored Agent Sasco at this year’s ATS in Jamaica!

All Together Sing

Television Jamaica’s All Together Sing is Jamaica’s premier high school choir competition. Choirs from around the island compete each week.   The winner is able to proclaim itself Jamaica’s best high school choir.

Each week the choirs perform from selected genres.  They are judged by a select trio of judges/experts, as well as voted for by the viewing audience.

The choirs with the highest scores advance.  Those with the lowest scores are eliminated. The ATS season lasts 12 weeks.  It all culminates in a grand finale where the top three choirs contend for the title.

This year is marks the 11th season of ATS.

Winning Right Now - Agent SascoWinning Right Now

This year at ATS, Camperdown High wowed an international crowd & judges with their November 12th performance.  The students performed their “Winning Medley” to honor their famous alum, Agent Sasco!

The first song within the Medley is Agent Sasco’s powerful reggae song, “Stronger.”  The Medley then seamlessly transitions into a current Dancehall hit, “Yeah, Yeah” by Aidonia. The Camperdown Medley then lives up to its Winning name, mixing into the grand finale of Agent Sasco’s “Winning Right Now.”  “Winning Right Now” is Agent Sasco’s current #1 hit song produced by Team Upsetta!

Watch the entire inspiring and powerful performance below.  You will not be disappointed!




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