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Reggae Review: Subajah – Architect

Subajah - Architect Pauze Radio Review

Subajah : Architect

When it comes to authentic roots reggae Subajah is certainly defining himself in that category, and this latest album release does more than prove that to be true. A solid mix of deep, meaningful, message lyrics, performed excellently and accompanied with incredible musical instruments, all produced to the highest of quality.

SUBAJAHIt’s easy to hear that real instruments are used to create this masterpiece that is Architect. The structure and composition help to create a vibration that I feel, is what roots reggae is all about, upliftment with truth, rights, faith and real life experiences.

The Tunes

The album title track graces us as the first track, “Architect”. Given that, this track is pure fire and it stands good for a feel for the musical treat that the rest of the album is. With a combination of Subajah’s vocal talent, which in itself is unique, coupled with a laid back and clever beat which makes for a formidable combination and will have you singing a long in no time at all. The dub version of “Architect” features the well known Addis Pablo, son of the legendary Augustus Pablo, and will instantly have you pressing repeat on your music player to listen again and again. Exactly the sort of music we like to feature here, on Pauzeradio.com.

“Farmers” is placed next on the album, slightly picking up the pace a touch but keeping the live and rootsy edge to the production and lyrical content. Subajah teaches another life lesson. This track is accompanied by some beautiful backing vocals and an array of instruments and again, like the whole album, is true to the roots reggae tag. Farmers also has a dub version that comes with this album.


Taking it down a notch, to a laid back and swinging sound with the song “Good Morning”. In true Subajah style this track is not just moving, but has a beautiful feel to it, covering the struggles of life. Not just motivating but also an inspiring guide on how to progress in life, through troubles and strife, with the strength of the most high. The riddim track has a patterned bass and smooth, slow bounce to it, holding firm that true sound and defining the feel of this album. We now know that the high standard of the first couple of tracks is evident in Architect, consistently, not just with the lyrical content but also the production and presence of live instruments.

Another treat we are given, with a slight different edge is the track “Afrika Is Callin” which features Youssouf Dibate. A sweet melodic combination, of which suits the message we are absorbing. A powerful mix with these two vocal talents. The live instruments are soft, ear pleasing and create such a dreamy, soft and hypnotic feel. This not just shows the direction of Subajah’s music but also the depth and level he is at and the work that’s gone into it.

“Walls Of Babylon” is a track I am familiar with, and probably the second song that introduced I to Subajah’s music back in 2016. I love this song, getting back onto the strong and warm roots beat, the title of the track tells us all we need to know about the theme. Entangled in a melodic and rhythmic feel with the instruments featured, again held down with tight production. “Walls Of Babylon” is also gifted to us in a dub version as well.

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