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Reggae Review: Reggae Robin Riddim


Reggae Robin Riddim Review

When talking of quality music of 2016, 2017 and beyond, I am sure that the Reggae Robin Riddim will be mentioned many a time. This juggling selection has everything a true music lover could wish for. Not only is it a greatly produced, musical riddim track, it is also complimented by a first rate variety of artists. Musically inspiring and a true gift to us all.

Usually I would not give props to a song that is under 3 minutes, but this new selection from Team Upsetta is pure fire and I hadn’t noticed the timing until after listening to the whole album. Flow productions really went to town on this one, bringing that authentic roots feel, pleasing all ears from the pedantic music lover, right through to every festival goer and all club movers and shakers. Getting lost within the warm beats and each songs lyrics, is impossible not too.

The consistent sounds of Perfect Giddimani is very hypnotic with his big tune “Be Wise (Solomon Says)”. Which is not just a perfect sing-a-long track, but also fully educational. With lyrics that will stick in your mind and resonate deep in your heart and soul, with the usual catchy hooks and verses from Giddimani, but performed on an exceptionally well level. This artist never fails to make me fall in love with roots reggae all over again, every time I hear him, especially on this track.

Natural Black gives us “Who Is Gonna Take The Blame” with his unique vocals, sitting sweetly on the Reggae Robin riddim, hard hitting yet very soothing, another bright piece from this veteran artist and an interesting musical blend, all while asking the serious question of exactly what the title says.



Adding to the variety of the selection we have Fyakin smoothly looking for his queen and empress “Jean”. This one will touch the hearts of the ladies, as well as every man who has experienced looking for the one to give his love to. Tight works and a nice performance from Fyakin.

Delly Ranx, forever gives us solid works, and “Hold The Faith” raises that bar of expectation from him. Wow, a flowing, positive message bundle with some burning lyrics, that are spiritually and mentally uplifting. Looking for some strength? Tune in and absorb Delly’s message to it’s true extent.

As far as new artists are concerned, Young Shanty is fairly new to my ears, after hearing a few of his tunes before, I was sure that this one would be tight, and yes, I was right. “Same Lane” which is more than just a well delivered and a powerful lyrical journey, it’s actually a very clever set of vocals, accompanied by some tuff DJ’ing skills and addictive backing vocals.


Da Real Storm, another new artist to me, I wasn’t sure what to expect with “Alone” but to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised and this song has actually gained a new fan with I upon listening to this beautiful work of art from her. Sung with conviction, you will feel every word she sings and relate to her exact feelings, from inside to out.

Last but far from least, Glen Washington steps up with “Beat Of My Heart”. More quality vocals and again extremely consistent. Silky, smooth, sincere lyrics and just as every other tune on this album, it’s hypnotic.

Just as I was thinking how was Upsetta going to match their previous selection the “Love Jump Riddim” and, well, they have not only matched it, but surpassed it in an amazing way with the Reggae Robin Riddim. The one thing that stands out the most on this new riddim is the hypnotic powers of every single song on the album. The beat complimenting each vocal uniquely, you would not think that it was an album but that the beat had been made individually for each of the songs that grace it. This latest release has to make me think, what exactly are Upsetta going to come up with next?

Reviewed by:

DJ Gav Pauze – https://www.pauzeradio.com

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