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Reggae Review: Love Jump Riddim


Love Jump Riddim Review:

Upsetta-Records-Love-Jump-Riddim-ReviewThe Love Jump Riddim is bound to cause waves with it’s classic reggae instrumental feel, presenting a lively bounce that will sound really familiar to all reggae lovers. It’s a solid production that is just right for the summer, crisp and raw instruments, representing all the vital elements that makes up for a big, everlasting riddim compilation, with of course the right vocals to match. This release does not disappoint us in any way.

Hugo Wolf of Flow Productions & Team Upsetta put in a lot of work and effort into building the Love Jump Riddim to the highest production standards as possible. This release is a shining example of how reggae should be produced, keeping the original feel of what reggae is all about, which is essential and the live instrument sound makes for a deadly combination that is unforgettable. You are bound to have this compilation resonating in your mind for months, if not years after hearing it.

The first track, Aisha Davis and Mr Lexx bring to us a sure fire hit song with “We Got Love”. Their sounds compliment each other so well, Aisha giving us her sweet vocals and backing, coupled with Mr Lexx rolling out the original DJ style, this tune will bring the hairs on your arms to stand on end whilst you absorb in their message fully.

Moving onto Fabian with “Hold So Tight”, another tough tune with vocals that really ride the riddim well and the smooth melodies and patterns that Fabian brings holds it down for another sweet love based tune, saying to his lady that “it never feels so nice, in a hold that feels so tight”. Every man and woman can relate to this subject.

Switching up topics a little with Isiah Mentor bringing us “Foundation Music”, a well known artist to I, and for those that are not familiar with Isiah, he is also known as Lilly Melody and has been on the Reggae scene for many years, as well as being a constant feature in the Unique Reggae Mix Show since it started back in 2006. A very nice, flowing song that focuses on the dance and bringing real reggae music to the masses. I particularly like this cut as he mentions many legendary artists and their contribution to the music, wheel it and come again selector……

Jah Teff and Sweet Tea singing “Bring Me Joy”, makes for a formidable combination on this compilation, again a DJ and singer style combo, which covers the joys of a woman and a man joining together and being each others one and only, very powerful.

It’s really good to hear Natural Black back in full force and on top form, giving us “Happy Days” and blessing the Team Upsetta with this sweet vocal piece, which is bound to put a big smile on your face and give you the strength to carry on through any trial and tribulation that you could be going through, no matter how big or small.

Perfect-Giddimani_Amsterdam-Coffeshop-(LOVE-JUMP-RIDDIM)Last but far from least, is the incredible unique sounds of Perfect Giddimani, rounding off the release with a big tune “Amsterdam Coffeeshop” in the only way that he knows how to grace a riddim, and that is with a perfect vocal performance and catchy hooks. His style and potency is one of a kind and you can hear how lyrically gifted he is in this song, that’s so pleasing to the ear. Covering the subject of Amsterdam and it’s coffeeshop legacy, you can hear from his lyrics and the commitment of the delivery of the vocals, that this is a real life experience put down into a sweet sweet sing-a-long song, that will permanently resonate in your head.

Overall, this Love Jump Riddim compilation is off the hook. The tight and on point production makes it stand out from a lot of current releases, the composition, mixing and mastering of this project is pleasing to the ear and is exactly what I call an authentic, real reggae release. Each song on the project has a different feel to it, covering a variety of topics, creating a little something for everyone. It’s a must have release and will nice up any dance, radio station and even perfect for playing in your car as your driving along, windows down, roof down, through the summer sun with a smile on your face.

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