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Reggae Interview: Dada Yute



About Dada Yute

Dada Yute Biography: I was born in Brazil São Paulo city in 1986,  I grew up with a young Rastafarian community, the first Bobo Shanti in Brazil straight out a Bobo Hill and have been recording with big artists like Sizzla, U Roy, Derajah, Suga Roy and Crystal, Perfect Giddimani and more. I performed on Rebel Salute in 2006 with Lions Of Israel band from Brazil, when I came out the band and started to work solo, I also did shows in México, Chile, Venezuela, and some countries in Europe like Germany, France, Austria, Scotland, England, Spain and Portugal and all over Brazil.  Last year I performed at the biggest reggae festival on earth, the Rototom Sunsplash in Spain with tracks from my last release the Zion Bird EP produced by Gustavo Campos (GustahEchosound).

The Interview

Gav PauzeWhen did you first start singing?
Dada Yute: I remember that since I was very young I had a dream to be on the stage singing for the people with my big hair, but I didn’t know what to put in the music or what I should sing about, and I was a bald head, I didn’t have big hair, so I would just put a t-shirt on my head and sing loud na na na na. After I met the Rastafarian culture I discovered what I would sing about and how my hair would become long. When I was just a little kid in my home, I used to sing every time and everywhere, especially in the shower.

People at that time would say different things to me like “hey little boy stop singing” because I used to sing all the time and “oh you look so happy there my yout”, things like that. Professionally I started singing as the backing vocal from the band Lion of Israel from Brazil, then I started to sing lead vocal but I was always doing some harmony for different artists whether at a studio or live in a show.

Gav PauzeDid your family do to encourage you?
Dada Yute: Yes, in general my father and mother always supported my musical interests. At first I wanted to be a drummer, I looked for a drum but it didn’t work out because I didn’t have the right place to keep it and practice, so I changed for bass. Then my father bought me a bass and I started to play it, meanwhile my mom gave me my first acoustic guitar which I still have now to help me make music and sing. I always got encouraged by my family. I used to hear my aunt say constantly “this boy will be a singer, look at the way he picks up the words and sings without even knowing the meaning of the words” (when it was in English).

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