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Reggae Interview: Clay



About Clay

Short Biography: My name is Clayton Morrison and my artist name is Clay. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica but currently reside in London. I am 33 years old and have been into music from a very young age. I taught myself to play the piano by ear at the age of 9. I self taught to grade 4 when my mother decided to send me to piano class. I started in the music industry as a producer and signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation.

The Interview

Gav PauzeWhen did you first start singing?
Clay: I first started singing around age 10 in the church choir and have continued ever since.

Gav PauzeDid your family encourage you?
Clay: My mother is a singer also and my grandfather was a great saxophonist, his band used to play with the famous Jamaican poet, the late Louise Bennett. My mum has always supported and encouraged my music especially as we are a musical family. My youngest brother is a DJ and my older brothers sing too. My father plays the guitar and sings. Music was and is a big part of my childhood/life.

Gav PauzeWho else in your family sings?
Clay: As previously mentioned both my parents and my older brothers sing.

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