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Winning Right Now Lyrics: Agent Sasco

Winning Right Now - Agent Sasco

Winning Right Now (Standard English)

By Jeffrey Campbell (Agent Sasco aka Assassin)


Oh we’re winning right now
Yea we’re, say we’re winning right now
I should get a trophy for the way I’m living right now
‘Cause I’m winning right now yea
And I’m chilling right now
‘Cause we’re, oh we’re winning right now
It’s thanksgiving right now, Because we’re
‘Cause we’re winning right now yea


I’m winning, I’m winning
I’m winning


Hey I’m a Walking W, Learned from the Ls
Turned them into medals, into trophies and belts
Everyday you see us, we’re on a next level
Break records like we’re cracking eggshells
And every single ounce of effort we expel
Is all about progress because we have to excel
Looking like success, we dress well
Boop! Another knockout before they ring the next bell
I’m about to send my haters a card to get well
Because they’re sick of it, oh they’re so sick of it
But that’s the whole gist of if
Hating is their duty when winning is our habit…

Verse 2

So everyday you see us, we’re the reigning champ
And it’s the cloud with the silver line we’re raining from
Because if you see some of the places that we’re hailing from
It’s just the type of place we should be failing from
But now it’s winning, every quarter, every inning
Bolt if it’s track, Phelps if it’s swimming, uh huh
You know know that there’s no giving in
No matter the circumstances we’re living in

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