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King Lorde: “Nuh Talk Certain Things” HD Music Video (Upsetta Films)

As we mentioned three weeks ago, Upsetta Films had just produced the very first HD Music Video for Reggae Dancehall Star Delly Ranx‘s Cold Justice Riddim, with upcoming Dancehall artist, King Lorde.

Hailing from Montego Bay, Jamaica (where Upsetta International was originally founded), upcoming Dancehall artist King Lorde aggressively showcases his intellectual, lyrical prowess and timeless delivery in the must hear, “Nuh Talk Certain Things.”  Featured on Reggae Dancehall Star, Delly Ranx’s Cold Justice Riddim, King Lorde’s “Nuh Talk Certain Things” covers the ever existing issue, in which people freely talk about the lives and business of themselves and others – despite the potential consequences. The high energy of Delly Ranx’s Cold Justice Riddim see below, combined with King Lorde’s maddening tale and strong personality, made the “Nuh Talk Certain Things” Music Video production an exciting opportunity for Upsetta Films!

“Nuh Talk Certain Things” Music Video was written, directed, filmed and edited by Dubee of Upsetta Films at Studio Blue in Providence, RI in a mere 3 days and is arguably Upsetta Films’ best production to date! – initially posted in UpsettaFilms.com.

Watch, enjoy and share the brand new Upsetta Films’ Dancehall Music Video – King Lorde “Nuh Talk Certain Things” – located above (there’s even a voice over cameo in the intro by Upsetta Films’ “judge” Dubee)!!

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