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Upsetta International Sound System was created by Fadda Mixer in Montego Bay, JA in the early 1980’s, before coming to and expanding in the USA.

Definition:  A Sound System is the equipment and associated personnel used to broadcast music within a specific location. Typically it would consist of a means of playing music (record player or more recently CD players and laptops), amplifiers, speakers and Deejays (mic men), operators (equipment controllers), selectors (selecting what music to play) and so on.

Once settling in the USA, Upsetta International Sound System established a noble presence in Washington, DC and New Haven, CT.

Since that time, Upsetta International Sound System has continue to entertain, succeed and expand.  As of December 2015, Upsetta International Sound System consists of 15 DJs/Selectors that are rocking parties/clubs/dances in 5 states (Washington, DC, New Haven, CT, Los Angeles, CA, Burlington, VT and Providence, RI) and three countries (JA, USA and India).

Additionally, members have expanded the Sound System to an international Movement which features Team Upsetta, Upsetta Records, Upsetta Films and more!


B-Fly, Big & Tall, DJ Chancellor, Jon Demus, Dante Davinci, Stoka Firemarshall, Selector Dubee, DJ Sting, Pauly Danger and Original King of Upsetta International Sound System

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