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First music influences was in the 60s.  I was listening to those Woodstock festival artists like Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Bob Dylan, Cream, etc.

I bought my first guitar in 1970 and I was trying to play the blues.  Later I was listening to Jazz and Funk – like the Ohio Players, Herbie Hancock, Commodores, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, etc.  

In 1977, I saw Bob Marley inna show in Switzerland and I decided to visit Jamaica – so, I did for the first time 1979.  As everybody knows: “nobody leaves Jamaica unchanged.”  Since then, I am in love with Reggae and all other Caribbean music.  

In 1980, I bought a 4-track cassette recorder, a Korg M1 Keyboard and started making my first riddims.  After I while, I was tired to bounce and bounce, so I bought a Hard Disk Recorder.  Today, I work with a Mac and Emagic Logic.

During this time, I was travelling all around: Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Mexico, India and many other places within Europe.  In all of those years, I met a lot of singer like Teddy Dan, Izrah and Jacko Lion, to name a few.

Later, I did put my riddims in different web communities and from then, my “career” started.  I found people like Kris Kemist from the Reality Shock Crew.  I did some cover artwork for an album on which there is also a track I did with Solo Banton (Reality Shock: Volume 1).  Deadly Hunter, Mikey Murka, Marga, Prince Livijah and other Reality Shock artists have also voiced on some of my riddims.

Further on, I found Gibsy from the Springline Record family.  He gave me the most support and connect me with singers like Telford Nelson, Lyrikall, Steve Steppa and many more.  Gibsy also organized a project based on my “Hills Riddim” – which he released as a benefit album for the Alpha Boys School in Jamaica.  Springline Records also released an album with Lyrikill on a few of my riddims.

Gibsy also connected me with Dubee from Upsetta Records.  I sent them my “Bomboflow Riddim,” which was released in early 2011 and featured #1 hits “Too Watchy” by Collie Buddz, “Farmer Man” by Kali Blaxx and a heap of big tunes!  Since then, Upsetta Records’ and Flow Productions have also collaborated on the Kingship & Pot A Cook riddim.  I look forward to many more collaborations with Upsetta Records’ in the future!

Since, I have also produced the “Barriers Riddim” for Giddimani Records, the “Herb Family Riddim” for More Life & VIS Records, in addition to more tracks from upcoming More Life Productions releases.


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